Chiara Passa artistic profile (RESUME HERE)

Chiara Passa, visual artist (Rome, 1973) working in media art AR, VR since 1997. Graduated (M.F.A.) from the Fine Arts Academy of Rome, Master in audio-visual media from the Faculty of Modern Literature. My artistic research - part of the revival concerning the immersivity in art that began around the mid-Nineties - deals with the theme of software, from the creation of apps in augmented reality, to immersive and interactive works in virtual reality.
From the mid-nineties to now, I have built an artistic language through the immersive technologies which currently constitute the main tools of my artistic expression. My body of work analyses differences in virtual spaces through a variety of techniques, technologies, and devices, using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies as artistic media to explore architecture as a lively interface. So, at the end of the Nineties, I designed virtual reality and augmented reality video-installations and multimedia works with an ‘immersive effect’, using the media of the time that were mostly based on whole-wall Beamer projections, such as The CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) and video-mapping. I had to wait until 2014 to wear a 3D viewer to finally immerse myself in VR.
Moved by the deep interest I have always had in space and how it is transformed in and by the language of informatics, I explore VR and AR to comprise the intrinsic language and so on for shaking-up and challenging the static notion of architecture, by exploring the liminal duality between tangible and virtual place, achieving in art a strange oscillation between spaces. I use augmented reality to stretch the space beyond its limit and virtual reality to penetrate it until its most recondite place of origin. In my artworks, the emerging spaces are interconnected: the imaginary space arranged by the virtual effects and the spatial arrangement of the place itself. Spectators are unsettled by this double relationship by having the sensation to remain suspended.
Between inside and outside the space opens up to include several dimensions. The fourth dimension – that of time – is just one of the many that help people's vision. Spectators walk and move as if they were in the so-called ‘reality’, but the classical space is bended, expanded, and pierced: the place itself becomes an immersive reality/non-reality to be explored.
Yet, I work with 3D animations, net-artworks, interactive and site-specific AR and VR video-sculptures, sometimes made of Carrara marble, ceramic, fresco technique, plexiglass, or 3D printing parts. Moreover, I use VR medium to create site-specific video installations using a wide range of google cardboards. Typically, the 3D viewers are installed all over the real space, designing geometric shapes in liminal areas where onlookers can peek through the 3D viewers, over the wall, to immerse themselves into a re-constructed/resized VR space made of wired geometric angles and futuristic views, highlighting the paradox of the modern space-time condition, which nowadays is even more diluted in between physical and liquid space.
The internet-art projects, in particular the Augmented Reality series "Extemporary Land Art on GE" I’ve thought of and built on Google Earth browser to reshape the virtual environment, transforming it into something alive and vibrant, so challenging the notion of place itself.
The animations and the video-installations are characterized by a constant study on the shape, geometric and often essential, joined to a three-dimensional and dynamic vision of the virtual space. The interactive video installations force the spectators to confront themselves with another new atmosphere. A performance idea is the base of the video installations where people can watch and interact with a place moving naturally beyond its own functionality. In fact, in 1999 I adopted the term “Super-place” in order to characterize dynamic places in my digital artworks which are self-performing, and so appearing animated by their own metaphysics, often transforming themselves into something totally unexpected.
The internet-animations penetrate the architecture of the liminal area of the internet-interface, extending the boundary between the inner and outer world, creating meta-dimensional key-lectures of the artwork. The experience to enter the interface begins a voyage where synthetic shapes become design, structure, architecture and reality.
The software-artworks in the form of Apps and Widgets, are the metaphor of a new imaginary and interactive media that would mediate impossible desires between computer and audience. My "Object Oriented Software Art" explores and transforms the interface into a live object challenging the virtual/physical boundary between interface and subsystems, highlighting the concept of how the interface itself is becoming even more of a ‘philosophical object’ in our everyday living.
In 2005 I created “ideasonair - bogging as an art project” and I ran it for eight years in the form of a net-artwork in progress. It has been a conceptual internet-art experiment, where I was posting every month an idea which artists freely used for the realization of digital artworks, highlighting the concept of "open artwork".
In 2008 I created The Widget Art Gallery, a web-App containing a single art gallery room that hosted every two months a solo digital art exhibition related to its dynamic site-specific context.

Selected solo exhibitions

2023 - "Object (RE) Oriented Reality". Panke gallery, Berlin.
2022 - "Lively Sculptures", Virginia Bianchi Virtual Reality gallery.
2021- 2022 "Still Life" Zabludowicz Collection, London. Curated by Julia Greenway and Paul Luckraft.
2019 – From the series Inside geometry double language: Circle in Circle, Memorijal complex Korcula. Curated by Darko Fritz.
2019 – Object Oriented Space. Museum MLAC Rome. Curated by Elena Giulia Rossi.
2016 - "From live architecture: Dimensioning" Furtherfield gallery, London. Critic text.
2013 - “The fourth dimension banner”, site-specific animation for arshake.com (virtual space) Critic text.
2004 – “Video screening” Ex-Egges Gallery, New York. Curated by Michela Arfiero.
2002- “ Calling a Conversation in universe” Gallery Placentia Arte, Piacenza. Curated by Lino Baldini .
2000- "Duetti" Gallery of contemporary Art, Catania. Curated by Antonio Arévalo; critic text by Mario Savini.
1999- "Time bomb the love" Gallery Studio Ercolani, Bologna Curated by Guido Molinari.
1998- “Se son rose fioriranno” Performance at Festival of Spoleto. Curated by Antonio Arévalo.

Selected group exhibitions

2024- L’opera d'arte nellepoca dell’AI, Parma 360 Festival.
2024 - OPLINE PRIZE for Digital Art, Paris.
2024 - META-PAN museum Napoli, curated by MEET Digital Culture Center.
2023 - July 13-16 Videocittà Festival Roma.
2023 - Festival Internacional de la majen. Manizales "XENO paisajes" - Bogota, May 29 - June 4.
2023 - A BEATING HEART. FEMALE PIONEERS OF DIGITAL ART, Expanded Art gallery Berlin. Curated by Anika Meier.
2023 - ALGORITHMIC EMPATHY-THE PROMISES OF AI. Expanded.Art gallery, Berlin. Curated by Anika Meier & Margaret Murphy.
2023 - Parallel. Alternative Reality Experience. Curated by Federico Montagna, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, Ash Sharqiya).
2022 - VRE: Virtual Reality Experience, MEET Digital culture Center, Milano.
2022 - Orizzonti possibili. Fra arte e cryptoarte, Kunsthalle West Merano. Curated by Cristina Ciusa.
2022 - Milano Design Week. Still Life AR for Fornasetti. Curated by Gloria Maria Cappelletti and I-D Vice.
2022- Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin Festival, Paris.
2022 - RectoVerso, Virtual Reality Art Festival Laval. Curated by Judith Guez.
2022 - Innocult Fest - XR experiences and digital insights. Meet Digital cultural center Milano.
2022 - Le Radici del Nuovo at MEET Digital Culture Center Milano.
2021 - (Im)Material Matter, Peer To Space. Curated by Peggy Schoenegge.
2021 - CITYA City as a Medium. Curated by Laura Scaringella.
2021 - "Layers" AR show on instagram. Curated by Valentina Tanni.
2021 - Physical: Restitution, Musée-École de la Perrine. Curated by Laval Virtual team, Laval.
2021 – Recto Verso Festival, Laval (online due to Covid19).
2020 – Maker Art Fair with Rai Cinema, curated by Valentino Catricalà (online due to Covid19).
2020 – MADATAC XI Bienal Virtual de Arte de los Nuevos Medios Digitales, Madrid.
2020 - Sbagliando si inventa - Gianni Rodari nel paese degli artisti. GabaMc Macerata, Curated by Antonello Tolve.
2020 - Bunch of Kunst in Quarantine // Paradox Paradise, Curated by Mara-Johanna Kolmel and Tina Sauerlaender. (Online on Hubs due to coronavirus).
2020 - Refraction festival, online (streaming via NYC) due coronavirus. Curated by Malcom Levy.
2020 - Bunch of Kunst in Quarantine - Reflections on the Viral Vacuum. A Virtual Exhibition curated by Mara Johanna Kolmel on Instagram.
2020 - Festival de la imagen, Manizales June 15-19. Online show due coronavirus.
2020 - Well Now WTF? Online show due coronavirus. Curated by Lorna Mills, Faith Holland and Wade Wallerstein.
2020 – Espronceda vr group show, Barcelona. Curated by Alejandro Martin.
2019 – Maker Art Fair, fiera di Roma. Curated by Valentino Catricalà.
2019 - Festival re:publica19, Berlin.
2019 - 'Virtual Natives - Sculpture” Roehrs & Boetsch gallery, Zurich. Curated by Nina Roehrs.
2018 “Senza Frontiere” Parco D’Arte Quarelli, curated by Alessandro Demma.
2018 - "Oslo Night Festival" at HEK Museum, Basel, curated by Boris Magrini.
2018 - "Women" GABA.MC Macerata. Curated by Antonello Tolve.
2018 - "Stop & go the art of animated gifs” MGLC - International centre of graphic arts, Ljubljana. Curated by Valentina Tanni & Saverio Verini.
2018 - Media Art Festival, MAXXI Museum, Rome. Curated by Valentino Catricalà.
2018 - 'Urvanity Art Fair' at COAM Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid. Curated by Ex Experimental, prize for media art.
2018 - Spectra Festival. Anatomy Rooms Aberdeen. Curated by Andy Brydon.
2017 - "inSonic-immersive future" ZKM | Center for Art and Media Museum, Karlsruhe.
2017 - Festival RocciaMorgia, "Earth Spiral" (2016) Virtual Reality site-specific installation at la Morgia, Salcito.
2017 - 7th Besides the Screen International Conference and exhibition- UNFOLDING IMAGES, VR and Spatial Control. Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil.
2017 - UNAUTHORIZED SFMOMA SHOW #98: "From live architectures: White, grey and yellow compositions". Anaglyphic animations, on view from May 3, 2017, 10:01:57 AM (San Francisco time).
2017 - Media Art Festival, MAXXI Museum, Rome. Curated by Valentino Catricalà.
2017 - COLLIDER 8, Emily Davis Gallery – The University of Akron, Ohio. Curated by Markus Vogl, Tony Samangy and Margarita Benitez.
2017 - Video Vortex XI, at Muzeris biennial, Kochi.
2016/17 “FLEFF Interface/Landscape” Ithaca College N.Y.
2016-17 - “The Ways of something” at Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.
2016 - The GIFER Festival. Turin.
2016 - CAC.05 - Computer Art Congress and exhibition: "Digital Art: Archiving and Questioning Immateriality", Paris.
2016 - the Widget Art Gallery at Tabakaleria Centro International de Cultura Contemporanea, San Sebastian.
2016 - “Collider 7” Manoa Art Galleriey (Hawaii) and Emily Davis Gallery Akron (USA). 2016 - Besides the Screen festival, Coventry, UK & Sao Paulo.
2016 - "Cairotronica" international electronic media art festival, El Cairo.
2016 - LGM-FLOSS Festival: "Other dimensions" show, London Gallery Westminster University.
2016 - "Stop & Go - L'arte delle gif animate", curated by Valentina Tanni & Saverio Verini at smART Polo per l'arte, Roma.
2015/2016 - "Somethingelse - Off Biennale Cairo". Curated by Elena Giulia Abbiatici.
2015 - Digitalia festival - Re_Manufact' exhibition curated by Piotr Zawojski at 13Muz, Szczecin.
2015 - "Ways of Something: Episode 4", Gene Siskel Theatre Centre Chicago. Curated by Lorna Mills.
2015 - New Media Exhibition: Iterations as Habitats, at Ithaca College. Curated by FLEFF.
2015 - " ISEA Disruption", exhibition (Extemporary Land Art on Google Earth) at Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver.
2015 - 11th Athens digital arts festival, Athens.
2015 - Iterations of Habitats, Fleff Festival Ithaca college N.Y. Curated by Claudia Costa Pederson.
2015 - XIV Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Manizales.
2015 - NetArtizens online show, March 2 - April 2. Curated by Furtherfield.
2015 - Internet Drones. Spazio Ultra, Udine. Curated by Kamilia Kard.
2014 - All glitched up - BP Loud Code! Tate Britain London, curated by Tate Collective.
2014 - DRHA conference and exhibition. University of Greenwich, London.
2014 - "Morphos", Vortex Dome Los Angeles. Curated by Ethan Bach.
2014 - XIII Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Manizales.
2014 - A-EYE: An exhibition of art and nature­-inspired computation. Goldsmiths University of London.
2013 - "Crazy, sexy, cool" Royal Phoenix, Montreal. Curated by Jennifer Chan.
2013 - Flossie festival, Queen Mary University London. Curated by Paula Graham.
2013 - "And one day, boom: the pavilion of exploded reality!" at The Wrong Biennale of new media art, São Paulo.
2013 - SIMULTAN FESTIVAL "Popular Unknown", Timisoara.
2013 - "Facade Video Festival" Plovdiv.
2013 - "PixelPops - New media art festival", New Orleans.
2013 - “ZooArt Festival”, Fresia gardens, Cuneo. Curated by Michela Giuggia, Paolo Sasia and Manuela Galliano.
2013 - 'Run computer, Run', GLITCH festival, RUA RED, Dublin. Curated by Nora O’Murchú.
2013 - 'Festival Internacional de la Imagen', Manizales, Colombia. Curated by Felipe Lodono Lopez.
2013 - 'Sound Device n.2', Rathmines Library, Dublin.
2013 - 128kbps objects, both on basic.fm and The Meter Room in Coventry UK.
2012 - Parallax-Stereoscopic Video Art Festival. Curated by CIANT, Praha.
2012 - 'Synthetic Zero Event', BAS-Bronx Art Space, N.Y. Curated by Mitsu Hadeishi & Jo Q. Nelson.
2012 - Billboard Art Project, Quincy and Atlanta. Curated by Claire Accardo and David Morrison.
2012 - "AUTOMATA - Electric Picnic", BLOCK-T, Dublin. Curated by Grace McEvoy.
2012 - "Next Big Idea: Festival of Discovery, Invention, and Innovation", Los Alamos MainStreet, New Mexico.
2012 - Inside Out - Kunsthaus, Dresden. Curated by Petra Reichensperger.
2012 - Geh8 proudly presents – International Movie-Night on ‘nothing’, Dresden.
2012 - APREM Exploration 1-“The Labophone”, Fabrique de Théâtre, Frameries. Curated by Valérie Cordy.
2012 - 'Sheroes Series' at The Beaver, Toronto. Curated by Rea McNamara.
2012 - "consented ruin" Centro del Carme, Valencia. Curated by Nilo Casares.
2011 - Pnem - Soundartfestival. Theatre Naat Piek, Uden, The Netherlands.
2011 -  NEWSfromART, Ferrara. Curated by: XX.9.12 FABRIKArte.
2011 - "Set in Concrete-Urban Screening" Chic Art Fair-FIAC, Paris and PvonK Berlin. Curated by FIAC Paris.
2011 – “ZKM AppArtAward”, ZKM| Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe. Curated by Heike Borowski.
2011 - FILE | Electronic Language International Festival, São Paulo, with "The Virtual Prigione". Curated by Paula Perissinotto.
2011 - "The Zone", experimental film festival. Blank gallery, Brighton. Curated by Simon Mclennan.
2011 - 11th International Symposium Digital Art and Online Gallery D-ART. London & NTU Singapore. Curated by Anna Ursyn.
2011 - 3rd place with "the virtual prigione" in the competition of artMUSE-Media Art Festival, Bocholt.
2011 - “Long Stories for Perm”, Public art festival, Perm, Russia. Curated by Arseny Sergeyev and Alexander Tokarev.
2010 -  XI Edition of Barcelona Art Contemporary Festival-BAC!Curated by Macu Morán, Barcelona.
2010 – “Contemporaneo.doc/DOCVA”, MAXXI Museum Roma. Curated by Giulia Ferracci e Carolina Italiano.
2010 - VAFA - Festival of Video Art in Macau, organized by Art For All Society (AFA) and Orient Foundation.
2010 – “Fake Web Festival”, Fonlad-6years, Web Art Center. Curated by Jose Vieira.
2010 - "ESPACIO ENTER International Meeting of Creativity Innovation & Digital Culture". TEA-Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Canarias.
2010 - "Sguardi Sonori ", new media art Festival, Museo della Civilta' Romana, Roma.
2010 - "White Night" – Skopje, Civic Museum. Curated by Tanja Blazovska.
2010 - "Premio Termoli". Curated by Miriam Mirolla.
2010 – “Festival of new media art Miden”, Kalamata. Curated by Maria Bourika.
2010 – “Rossobastardo Live”,  53° Festival dei 2Mondi, Spoleto.
2009 - Espacio Enter Canarias “International Meeting of digital culture”. Curated by Art Tech Media, Tenerife, Canary Islands.
2009 - “Salerno Creativa” Festival of new media art. Salerno. Curated by Alfonso Amendola.
2008 - Foro Internacional ART TECH MEDIA, Cordoba, Spain.
2008 - ARTECH 2008 4th International Conference on Digital Arts.Portuguese Catholic University. Porto.
2008 - "Time is love" Video Festival, galerie octObre, Paris.
2008 - "Art Tech Media - video screening". Puerto de la Cruz de Tenerife.
2008 - "Electrofringe" festival of new media art, Newcastle Australia.
2008 – “This is not art”, festival of new media art, Newcastle, Australia.
2008 – 5th One Minute Film & Video Festival, Arau.
2008 Prize Imprendilarte, Bic Lazio, Modigliani Institute, Roma.
2008 – “Arkitekturae – Festival Time in Jazz XXI Ed”, Berchidda.
2008 - "Product– Festival of Contemporary Art", Varna, Bulgaria
2008 - RE | BOOT Festival - A10 Medialab, London.
2008 - CAC2: Computer Art Congress, Mexico City and Toluca.
2008 - “Arrivi e Partenze” Mole Vanvitelliana Ancona. Curated by Alberto Fiz e Walter Gasperoni.
2007 – “Milano in Digitale”, Festival of Electronic Art. Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano. Curated by Morena Ghilardi & Cristina Trivellin.
2007 – “Paraflows-Un Space”, MAK Museum, Vienna. Curated by Judith Fegerl and Gunther Friesinger.
2007 - "Loyal_Rooftops_2007" Galerie Loyal, Kassel. Curated by Martin Dege.
2007 – 52 Biennale di Venezia – PAN ( Palazzo Arte Contemporanea Napoli ) Screening. Curated by Julia Draganovic & Laura Barreca.
2007 – “1° International Congress - Art Tech Media” 9/10/11 may, Ministerio de Cultura, Instituto Cervantes, Casa de America, Madird.
2007 – “ICity-periferiche-Mappe mentali per una periferica”. Contemporary Art Fair Bologna. Curated by Guido Molinari.
2006/07 " NetSpace: viaggio nell’arte della Rete"Geografie di spazi. MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Roma. Curated by Elena Giulia Rossi.
2006 – “Seznam del na festivalu-Creative Commons”. Kiberpipa, Slovenija.
2006 – Abstracta Cinema. Palazzo Farnese, Roma. Curated by Massimo Pistone.
2006 – Memefest- International Festival of Radical Communication. Ljubljana.
2006 - D-Neff (Digital New European Film Festival), Monthermoso Cultural Centre. Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain.
2006 – “ artechmedia” Various places:
Presidencia Gobierno de Canarias. The Canary Islands (Tenerife) . From March 13th to 18th, 2006. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Unión Fenosa - MACUF (A Coruña): From March 23rd to April 23rd, 2006. Museo Vasco Artium (Vitoria ): From April 3th to 9th, 2006. Museo Da2 (Salamanca ): From April 24th to 30th, 2006. Centro Párraga (Murcia): From May 8th to 21th 2006. BilbaoArte (Bilbao): From May 23th to June 2th, 2006. Casa Asia (Barcelona): june 2006. CCCB (Barcelona): june 2006. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid): october, 2006.
2006 - "Site Specific @ Web" curated by Corrado Mora on http://www.sitespecific.it/
2006 – The Bent Festival, NYC; New York City. Curated by Mike Rosenthal.
2006 – MIART- Contempporary Art Fair, Milano.
2006 - MAGMART | video under volcano; international festival of videoart. Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum.
2006 – CeC&CeC-The Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave. International Centre, New Delhi, India.
2005 – “Digital Stilnovo”, BizArtCenter, Shangai. Curated by Piero Pala.
2005 – Residency and workshop ( 3 months ) at MEDIALAB, Madrid.
2005 – “Game Paused” a creative celebration of the video game. London.
2005 - 18es. INSTANTS VIDÉO - Various locations, Marseille and Hérouville St-Clair (Centre d’Art Contemporain). Curated by Marc Mercier.
2005 -Videominuto pop tv. Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci. Prato.
2005 - Kf-Kansk International Video Festival, Kansk-Moscow.
2005 - Mauro Manara Prize - “No location/relocation”. Gallery of Contemporary Art, Castel San Pietro Terme – Bologna. Curated by Michela Arfiero.
2005 – “Multipli, molteplici, mpltiplicanti”, N.O. Gallery. Milano. Curated by Stefano Coletto.
2005 – “INCUBA”, 1ed. Festival of Electronic Art, Santa Cruz, Patagonia, Argentina.
2005 - Augosto 9-30, Media Art Festival. Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art. Armenia. Curated by Eva Kachatrian.
2005 – “Synch” Electronic music and digital art festival. Athens. “The Balkan war: the game project”; curated by Personal cinema.
2005 – International Audio-video art festival “Obsession”, Galeri X, Istambul.
2005 – EMAF - European Media Art Festival - ( Media Lounge ) “The Balkan war: the game project”; curated by Personal cinema.
2005 – “Point of View”, a media-art exhibition by Euroscreen21projects. City Museum of Wesel, Germany. The “Euroscreen21projects” it was also exhibit at Fournos: Center for the art and new technology, Athens, Greece and Gallery Noass, Riga, Latvia. Following locations in progress: Kunsthalle Florence, Center Andalusian of contemporary art of Seville"CAAC˜, Seoul, Toronto, Helsinki, London, Lisabon, New York.
2005 - Thailand New Media Arts Festival - "INTIMACY :: DIGITAL SKIN". Banckok. Curated by Francis Wittenberger and MAF05 production team.
2004 – “Unzipping codes”, Nabi Center. Seoul Korea. Curated by Nilo Casares..
2004 – “Asolo Film Festival” ( video Art section ). Asolo ( Tv ).
2004 - “Extravaganza” New media Art Festival, curated by Autumedia. Cincinnati, Usa.
2004 - “On Air” Videoteca, MACRO ( Museum of Contemporary Art, Roma ) curated by A. Crippa e A. Bruciati.
2004 – “Videomix” LCE ( Cultural Center Madrid ), curated by Javier Duero.
2004 “Living Room” ‘Coldcreation’ contemporary art gallery, Barcelona. Directed by Alex Mittleman and curated by Javier Duero.
2004- “TTV - Video Festival” Riccione-Bologna.
2004 – MAAP “Thailand New Media Festival” by ICECA , Thailand.
2004 – PEAM - Pescara Electronic Artist’s Meeting. Cuarated by Luigi Pagliarini. Video selection by Valentina Tanni.
2004 - “OUT VIDEO-International video art festival” NATIONAL CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART, Ekaterinburg Russia.
2004 - "Slowtime?........" [Quicktime (.mov) as an artistic medium]. Cinematheque at MediaCentre. www.le-musee-divisioniste.org/mediacentre/
2004 - “On Air”: video on air from Italy. Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art of Monfalcone. Curated by Andrea Bruciati and Antonella Crippa.
2004 - “The making of Balkan wars: The game” Media Lab Madrid - Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid. Curated by Nina Vagic.
2003 - VIPER- International Festival of Film, Video and New Media, Basel.
2003 - “ XIV Quadriennale” preview .Palazzo Reale, Naples.
2003- “OBSERVATORI ‘03” Festival internacional de investigacion artistica, Museo de la ciencias Principe Felipe. Valencia.
2003- 1 Adriatic Biennale of new art - B.A.A.N.- San Benedetto del Tronto.
2003- 11 Biennale of young artists of europe and the mediterranean countries. “Cosmos – a sea of art”. Athens.
2003- Forum of European cultural Exchanges – “Intercultural dialogue & artistic mobility”. Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki. Curated by Ilias Marmaras and Nina Vagic.
2003- PEAM- Pescara electronic artists meeting - Festival of electronic art, Pescara.
2003- “5” Video Art exhibition ( Go Card Party ), Palazzo delle Esposizioni Roma. Curated by Maria Cristina Bastante,video selection by MTV.
2003- “L’oading” Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Siracusa. Curated by Valentina Tanni.
2003 - Zemos98 festival. GALERÍA ESPACIO ARTE. Sevilla.
2003 – “Cronostroria” Fine Art Gallery, Metro of Santiago de Chile. Curated by Antonio Arevalo and Paola Capata.
2002- “Digital clip art festival” GAM, Museum of Modern Art, Torino.
2002- “Doppia V”, ‘Visionaria’ video art Exhibition; Museum ‘Palazzo delle Papesse’, Siena. Curated by Massimiliano Tonelli.
2002- “Actual positions of italian net art” Java Museum. Curated by Wilfred Agricola de Cologne.
2002- “ Una babele Postmoderna” Palazzo Pigorini, Parma. Curated by Edoardo di Mauro.
2001- Shockart at, Net art night. (GNAM) National Gallery of Modern Art, Roma.
2001- “Bienal de Valencia” “ El mundo nuevo” I edition, Convento del Carmen, Valencia. Curated by Achille Bonito Oliva.
2001- “M.I.A.R.T.” International Art Fair, with gallery ‘Careof’ ; Milano.
2001- "Made in Rome" ‘Artistas emergentes de la Roma del dos mil’; Galleria Gabriela Mistral, Santiago Chile. Curated by Antonio Arèvalo.
2000- “1 Biennale of Porto Ercole”.
2000- " Soap Opera" En Plain Air: contemporary art, Pinerolo (to); curated by Alessandra Galletta e Luca Beatrice.
1999- "RIPARTE" International Art Fair; Hotel Hilton Cavalieri; Roma.
1999- "48 Biennale di Venezia" Projection of "time bomb the love" animation, (2/8 settembre; Oreste Cinema ) .
1999- "Autori-Tratti-Italiani" Fondation Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia. Curated by Antonio Arèvalo e Aurora Fonda.
1999- "FROG: Roman festival of the young art" Biennale giovani artisti del mediterraneo, Ex Mattatoio, Roma.
1999- “Architettare il contemporaneo” Achitecture’s University of Venice. Curated by Antonio Arévalo.
1999- "The party of art" Acquario Romano. Curated by Ludovico Pratesi e Alessandra Borghese.
1998- “Tuttologica” Murazzi del Po, torino. Curated by gallery Hyperion and Dario Salani.


2023 - Shortlisted for VAR Digital Art prize.
2020 - Espronceda vr art residency, Barcelona.
2018 - Ex Experimental, prize for media art (3rd place- selected).
2017 - Enlight art residency program and art-production, September-October at curated place, Manchester.
2015 - ATA Grant (selection), advanced technologies for art, Eurecat Barcelona.
2015 - Talking in strings" was awarded 1st prize at Digitalia Festival, Szczecin.
2015 - Honorable mention at the XIV Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Manizales.
2012 - "eContent Award Italy" second prize for "Talking in strings" in the category: eInclusion and Participation. Palazzo Turati, Milano.
2011 - e-Content Award Italy, second prize in the category “e-Entertainment and Games” (WAG-Widget Art Gallery, IPhone/IPad App). Sala Quaroni, Eur Roma.
2011 - Prize SOS-ARTE, to the artistic activity developed during the year 2010.
2010 - e-Content Award Italy, second prize in the category: “Create your culture!” ("Augmented Irreality", interactive video installation '10). Sala Quaroni, Eur Roma.
2008 - e-Content Award Italy, prize for the best digital web content (ideasoanir.net). BBF-Expo Comm. Nuova Fiera di Roma.
2008 – Prize: Imprendilarte, Bic Lazio, Modigliani Institute, Roma.
2008 – Prize: MOVIN' UP 2008 'Mobilità nel mondo per giovani artisti italiani.
2006 – Prize for the project: ideasonair.net, at “Museum and the web- category: Innovative”.
2005 – Seat-Pagine BIanche d’Autore. Second prize. Curated by Luca Beatrice.

Main collections

Whitney Museum of American Art
GAM Torino
CareOf Milano
Plus, some private collections

Presentations, conferences, workshop, screenings - YouTube channel

2023 - December 12 and 13. Visioni algoritmiche. Dialoghi tra arte, scienza e tecnologia in celebrazione di Vera Molnár. Hungarian cultural institute and museum MLAC, Roma.
2023 - April 18. Presentation of THE PROMISES OF AI on Expanded.Art Twitter space.
2023 - February 15, "Metaverso, performance e arti visive" talk and roundtable curated by Findazione Mondo Digitale at BinarioF, Roma.
2022 - November 6, Roma Europa Festival. Talk and presentation of the book: "L'elettronica è donna" at Museum MACRO Testaccio.
2022 - Digital Art and Online Gallery. 26 International Conference Information Visualisation Vienna.
2022 - Trasmutazioni Elettroniche. Talk with Caterina Tomeo. Videocittà Festival, Roma.
2022 - Presentation: Ideasonair book, museum MLAC Rome. LINK
2022 - Roma città aperta project. Nomas Foundation, Rome.
2022 - March 17, Talk and presentation "Still Life" at Impossible Perspective Lab, Abandon Normal Devices Manchester. LINK
2022 - March 2nd. Incontri in VR Still Life presentation at MEET Digital Culture Center Milano. LINK
2022 - February 9th. Le Radici del Nuovo at MEET Digital Culture Center Milano. LINK
2021 – Post-Covid art world: Closer at home or more connected. Conference curated by Jennifer K.Y. Lam, National Gallery Singapore (Online due to coronavirus).
2020 - Technarte conference, Bilbao (Online due to coronavirus).
2019 - Book presentation Object Oriented Space (Link Video) Gangemi Editions MLAC museum Rome. Link catalogue
2019 - “Ways of Something” screening at SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Los Angeles.
2018 - ArtsIT 2018 - 7th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation. October 24-26, Braga. (Presented the VR series “Inside Geometry double language”).
2018 - (April 16) Pitch on VR art at RomeCup. Campus Biomedico University Rome.
2018 - “Ways of Something” screening at Museum of the Moving Image, New York. Curated by Lorna Mills.
2017 - 23-25 November. 7th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, RE:TRACE. Vienna.
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20 ottobre, MLAC - Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea - Sapienza Università di Roma.
2017 - Memoria della Computer Art in Italia - Il Festival Arte Elettronica di Camerino. Giornata di studi a cura di Silvia Bordini e Francesca Gallo,
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2015 - 14th International Symposium Digital Art, and Online Gallery - D-ART. University of Barcelona. Curated by Anna Ursyn. (Extemporary Land art on google earth).
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2013 - Media Art Histories 5: RENEW Conference, Riga. (Widget art gallery).
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2012 - Art Publishing to the Future. Roma Contemporary, MACRO. Curated by Dario Salani.
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2011 - Ambience conference. University of Borås, Sweden.
2011 - Education Lab | workshop, Fabbrica del Vapore/IULM, Milano. Curated by DOCVA.
2010 - "Soft Borders Conference-upgrade International", São Paulo, curated by Martha Gabriel.
2010 - “Envisioning Digital Spaces”, 5th International Conference of Digital Arts, Guimarães, Portugal.
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2009 - “Salerno Creativa” Talk with artists in residence. Coordinated by Alfonso Amendola.
2008 – Presentation & screening of ideasonair.net at the RE | BOOT Festival - A10 Medialab, London.
2008 - CAC2: Computer Art Congress, Mexico City and Toluca. Ideasonair.net presentation.
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2004- Presentation+screening of “exten(x)sion Project III” at PEAM ( Pescara electronic artists meeting ), Pescara.
2004 - Presentation+workshop+screening about my art works at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, Milan. Curated by Imma Indaco.
2003- Presentation+screening of “calling a conversation in universe” at PEAM ( Pescara electronic artists meeting ), Pescara.
2003- Workshop, Forum of European cultural Exchanges – “Intercultural dialogue & artistic mobility”. Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki. Curated by Ilias Marmaras and Nina Vagic.
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