“Eraser-sculptures”, AR installation composed by some geometric figures painted in fresco and by a series of forty diverse rubber sculptures made in various colors and dimensions, made using 3-D printer. By Chiara Passa, 2013-2015.

“The eraser-sculptures series” is exhibited as part of the animation sequence I made and set out in a very special space/place: into an online banner-gallery. Here the critic text (written by Elena Giulia Rossi) and here the link to watch the animation that was shown inside the banner art gallery. The animation I titled "The fourth dimension banner" (formed by diverse animations) can be also shown projected over an entire tangible wall (or several animations can be screened over multiple walls), becomes a trompe l'oeil of the wall itself, calling the audience to reflect on architectural interface - transforming it into a liminal space, into a sort of limbo that creates a multi dimension/extension.
From the animation “The fourth dimension banner” I thought to create a series of forty unique sculptures deriving form the various figures generated from the deconstruction of the animation itself. These sculptures are made using erasing-rubber in order to highlight the concept of how ephemeral could be the sculpture as artistic practice, while is normally considered the most tangible/solid among the arts.
In this case, the rubber-sculpture can modify parts of it and even make it disappear auto-erasing itself. So, the most ephemeral practice of the arts is no more the digital art indeed but the sculpture itself.
The animation “The fourth dimension banner” although it is a digital work is more 'solid' in a conceptual meaning than the rubber-sculpture, which can be erased. All the rubber sculptures are designed by me to be made by different colors combinations – bicolor, tricolor and mixed colored nuances’. The diverse forty sculptures can be installed wall-mounted and supported by tiny slices of transparent Plexiglas, in front of the video-animations series “Fourth dimension banner”.
PDF of the whole project is available under request.