From the series Live Architectures: “Geometric breakpoints”, site-specific - Augmented Reality video installation composed by diverse fresco-points Ø 14 cm overlaid by several AR 3D-movies. By Chiara Passa 2015.

The series of augmented reality video-sculptures “Geometric breakpoints” should be considered as part of the animation sequence I have developed and shown for the first time in a very special space/place - into an online banner art gallery. Here the critic text (written by Elena Giulia Rossi) and here the link to watch the animation that was shown inside the banner art gallery. The animation I named "The fourth dimension banner" (formed by diverse animations) can be also shown projected over an entire tangible wall (or several animations can be screened over multiple walls), becomes a trompe l'oeil of the wall itself, calling the audience to reflect on architectural interface - transforming it into a liminal space, into a sort of limbo that creates a multi dimension/extension.
And so on, inspired by the various figures generated from the deconstruction of the first animation of “The fourth dimension banner”, I thought to create a series of unique circulars geometric breakpoints marking (through Augmented Reality technology) some fundamentals areas on the walls. Those breakpoints are meant to be the matrices that audience can augment, so discovering the circulars video-sculptures appearing from the liminal side of the wall.

Download the free App WIKITUDE (iOS and Android) and search for the words 'Geometric breakpoints' directly in wikitude, then scan the AR points below!

The video documentation is available on YouTube
Geometric breakpoints was exhibited worldwide including Furtherfield gallery solo show: "Dimensioning - Live architecture", 1-23 April 2016. On Youtube the AR series and the video presentation i make of the show.

A fresco AR matrix from "Geometric breakpoints" 2015.

chiara passa