The NAG - Nano Art Gallery, App-widget for I-Watchs, Oct. 2013. COMING SOON

The NAG is built as an html5 widget for the I-Watch. This project is an extension of my ongoing curatorial project the WAG (Widget Art Gallery) an I-Device-Art-Space for IPhone, IPad and the osx-dashboard. The NAG, acronym of Nano Art Gallery, will shows mini new media art exhibitions through I-Watches or similar smart watches.
The NAG is a virtual display environment thought up in order to show Nano and Mini digital artworks, but with hand lens.
The virtual exhibition space is designed as a variable-crack shape through a simulated real wall opening in front of the voyeristic spectator that can see in the distance a three-dimensional stage/space simulating the camera window view of a real 3-D software where the virtual site-specific mini artwork related to this very odd space will be placed. More coming soon...