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"Dimensioning" series show geometry in continuous transformation deconstructing and reshaping the space into minimalist surfaces. 2016.

A selection of more than 20 gif from the series “Dimensioning” is available upon request.

"All glitched up - BP Loud Code!" Tate Britain London, curated by Tate Collective, 2014.

"Picture-in-Picture" animated GIFs, 2014.

Sometimes art is too clouded in vague theories, obtuse language, and scores of back histories that it’s nearly impossible to find the actual “art.” So when art is self-explanatory, like with Chiara Passa‘s “Mondrian Happens,” it’s actually refreshing. Txt. by Corinna Kirsch.

Don't save-Mondrian

"Picture-in-Picture" animated GIFs, 2014.


"Picture-in-Picture" animated GIFs, 2014.


The animated GIFs series "Picture-in-Picture” 2014 show synthetic animations drawings inside the existing pictorial space and building a new situation of artistic fruition.
The extemporaneous animations, such as: tags, graffiti, sculpture, installation, etc. fit between the surface and the picture bringing the viewer to face himself within another spatial-dimension.

“Kinetic yoga” is an online show made by a series of animated GIF i've build using Cinemagram App, 2013.

Something happening inside the browser. Widget for Layar AR. Glitch Festival, Rua Red Dublin, 2013.

Sheroes #12: "Nina Simone" Toronto 2012. (Electronina)

Sheroes #11: "Dusty Springfield" Toronto 2012. (Dusty like a forest's siren...)

Sheroes #10: "Grace Jones" Toronto 2012. (She's so beautiful that seems not a human but a marble sculpture!)

"Inter Nos" at 'MELODRAMZ', Toronto 2012.

Sheroes #9: "Dolly Parton", Toronto 2012. (she's F….d and she's taking a ride on her Ferrari Testarossa!)

Sheroes #8: "Marianne Faithfull", Toronto 2012. (She's flashing at the mirror, becoming me...)
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