From the series Live Architectures: “Hidden Forces”, site-specific - Augmented Reality video installation composed by diverse fresco-points overlaid by several AR 3D-movies. By Chiara Passa, 2015.

Hidden forces" is an Augmented Reality multidimensional artwork generating mysterious anti-physics forces- as animations - over related AR matrices, aiming to reshape the spectator's perception of the whole environment all over the walls, modifying in real time geometry and dimension of the place, creating an anti-architectural space.

Download the free App WIKITUDE (iOS and Android) and search for the words 'Hidden forces' directly in wikitude, then scan the AR matrices below!

hidden forces

The video documentation is available on YouTube
Hidden Forces was exhibited worldwide including Furtherfield gallery solo show: "Dimensioning - Live architecture", 1-23 April 2016. On Youtube the video presentation i make of the show.

A fresco AR matrix from "Hidden forces" 2015.

chiara passa