Realized works inspired by
"The random trip" by Ideasonair
"Obelisk Magazine" ( work in progress ) 'Deficit'-issue #2 by a creative community, .Obelisk: "concrete carnival" download at
The basic principle of bite-sized fabrika is to supply art at reasonable prices made possible through the use of neu-methods in communication and data sharing.
artiste trouvé sur la route - artiste trouvé street galleries
The Campain for the Recognition of Artists was established by Cultura. 3 in April 2006 for the recognition of artists working in non related and diverce fields.
"Cultura on air" is a highly dynamic association that is able to function as a decentered center, that is a network for communication for artists working in as different fields.
"The random trip". The book! dowload the pdf about the_suitcase_of_the_imaginary_traveler and and the _album_between_places.
LOLO COVER "An album between places"
Why artists given so little recognition in the professional world today? Why do artists carry such professional stigma? The online form at
Tobecontinued ( ) is a group exhibition in progress that starts with some students of the Fine Arts Academy of Rome. Using Myspace as an interactive platform, Tobecontinued is based on the concept of open art-work and free association of ideas, where the last art-work is always inspired to the previous one, in order to generate an open art-work in continuous evolution that never completes itself. The process is constituted by the single works as video, animations, photos, music, net projects, and shows details, nuances and ideas of the whole art-work project in continuous evolution. Let’s continue, joining with us, sending your art-work (max. 4 mb per email) at
art calling ART CRIMES here the pdf ex.
"Container Art" An urban, itinerant and adaptive art exhibition.
Northern Lights is a roving, collaborative, interactive media-oriented, art agency from the Twin Cities for the world.
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