Public art and site specific projects

From Live Architectures: Extemporary Land Art on Google Earth, 2013-ongoing.

From Live Architectures: a series of Net-AR artworks created on Google Earth, 2014.
Live Architectures is a series of digital and interactive artworks created over time in a wide-range production developed to reshape the indoor and the outdoor architecture and environmental places as well as the ‘digital environment’, transforming it into something alive and vibrant. This series of site-specific artworks is created and usable exclusively on Google Earth. Through the augmented reality technology, the artwork aims to create an extemporary-temporary virtual land-art, constructing a sort of "mise en abyme" or “droste effect”, in which an element shifts the other in depth, merging the Google earth environment with the augmented area in order to create a new space. Watch the artworks series.

"Drone snow-globe" gif-net-artwork, 2014.

"Drone snow-globe" is part of Live Architectures, a series of digital artworks I created over time in a multi-faceted production developed to reconsider the architecture of outer and indoor areas as an alive and vibrant entity. 
Just click on the sphere containing the trapped drone, in order to rotate it into the back and white net-landscape in which snows through mysterious opposed physics forces.

"And one day, boom: the pavilion of exploded reality!" The Wrong Biennale, São Paulo. November 1 2013 - January 30 2014.

"The theme of the Pavilion I curated for The Wrong Biennial, is inspired by the concept of impossible architecture: focusing upon the new idea of digital art surrealism driven mainly by incoming energy from web culture and the intellectual groups developing within that framework which create amateur artworks using new technologies much like the way in which a magician uses a magic wand.
The ten artworks exhibited on both the sides of the Pavilion - sculptures, installations, images and videos - appear to the eyes of the audience through Augmented Reality Technology. The artworks created by ten students from Rome’s Academy of Fine Arts are based upon concepts such as: remix, détournement, digital surrealism, glitch-art, appearance, dream, sleep/awake, journey and unreality. The ten creations contextualized inside the Pavilion feature unexpected shifts and shifts in meaning.
In fact, Augmented Reality Technology, by increasing reality itself, creates new levels of unreality. It decontextualizes real space, accentuating the paradox of how Augmented Reality actually decreases reality by removing and modifying real levels to increase illusoriness in our real atmosphere."
Watch the artworks.

“The fourth dimension banner”, site-specific animation for arshake.com 2013.

"Liquid Architecture» and Live Architecture" text by Elena Giulia Rossi.
Fourth Dimension banner is the project that Italian artist Chiara Passa has conceived as a site-specific for the Arshake banner, a continuation of Live Architectures series of digital and interactive installations created over time in a multi-faceted production developed to «reconsider the architecture of outer and indoor areas as an alive and vibrant entity». This is one of the many forms in which takes shape the «Liquid Architecture» of cyberspace.
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chiara passa

“The ghost piano”, site-specific scenario by Chiara Passa & original piano music by Francesco Giliberti at the WAG, 2013.

The Widget Art Gallery turns into a sort of ancient Roman concert hall and shows a ghost piano playing a nostalgic music inside an open architecture vaguely neoclassical, that creates an evocative and decadent atmosphere taking the audience to an experience of times gone by…
WAG webpage.

"The naif garden", video-mapping project, at ZooArt Festival, giardini Fresia, Cuneo 2013.

"The Naïf garden" is a video-mapping projection I created especially for Fresia garden at ZooArt 2013. I thought about turning a part of the garden in a sort of virtual nocturne happening as a 'Live Painting', where the viewer is totally protagonist and associated with the creative process of the artwork itself, that is in constant transformation.
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"The naif garden", video-mapping and AR project, 2013.

"The Naïf garden" is an interactive video projection created especially for gardens and forests. I thought about turning a part of the garden in a sort of virtual and interactive nocturne happening as a 'Live Painting', where the viewer is totally protagonist and associated with the creative process of the artwork itself, that is in constant transformation.
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"Hemispheric is watching you", video-mapping project, 2012.

"Hemispheric is watching you" is a demo-proposal for an interactive video-mapping projection that highlights the concept of surveillance, designed specifically for the facade of ‘El Emisferico’ in Valencia.
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"Trigonometric building", video-mapping project, 2012.

"Trigonometric building" is a demo-proposal for an interactive architectural mapping projection designed specifically for the facade of the New Museum in New York, but it’s obviously also adaptable to other architectural facades, if further manipulated.
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"WAG's plan displacement", by Chiara Passa. 'exhibit consented ruin', Centre del Carme Valencia 2012.

The 'WAG's plan displacement', is a short gif-animation on the concept of architectural device’s ruin. The smartphone, bursts and destructs itself, showing its domestic/intimate side: the processor’s architecture. Nowadays, it is the architecture’s concept most close to our behaviors, because we’re always manipulating electronic/digital devices. So, the electronic architecture is a metaphor of our digital time. Press Release. Past exhibitions at the WAGhttp://the-widget-art-gallery.blogspot.com/


"The Widget Art Gallery", web-app for IPhone and IPad, 2010.

Watch the video-demo on YouTube!

The “WAG" is a mini 3-dimensional, single room gallery that fits into your pocket 'cause I've developed it for IPhone, IPod Touch and I Pad. Every month, directly on your mobile, The “WAG” hosts a solo digital art exhibition related to the dynamic site-specific contest. READ MORE AT THE WAG PAGE

"Charting Art's Thoughts", net based artwork, 2010

"Charting Art's Thoughts" is a spontaneous neuronal network of thoughts. Thus, thoughts about digital art from ‘Hyperuranium’ have landed on a virtual map. The short (140 characters as twitter displays messages) art's thoughts are generated from Twitter posts that match a database of keywords related to art . At every page's reload, the earth’s map refreshes itself and tracks new words and phrases. Charting Art's Thoughts is a circuit where random thoughts on new media art are shared on a map! This map is inspired from the ideasonair.net’ theory that says: “Ideas are in the air and the earth is spinning around, connecting with these ideas at various places. So an identical idea could land or be had in New York and Rome at the same time.”

Click on the image to open the spontaneous neuronal network of thoughts. Java plug-in is required. The sphere can be rotated. Left click to zoom-in and right click to zoom-out.

Some instruction to run the java applet:
You have to check the security preferences of your browser and disables: "blocks web-sites that could be a threat", then you have to accept the security certificate that the browser will show to you for 3 times. This applet crashes if you're not using the latest version of Java, so you have to go to Java Preferences panel and switch to the latest version.

Click on the image to open the map (TAKES SOME TIME TO LOADS THE DATA). Google earth plugin is required

Speaking at the wall - Google Earth sculpture, Anchorage, 2009

I made a sculpture from a series, inspired by my interactive video installation “Speaking at the wall”. More than a sculpture, it is a dimension virtually placed in Anchorage, that the viewer can visit dipping around, inside and outside.

Images & Video

"Replicating Architecture", 2008

The interactive installation shows how the net art feeds (for example the rhizome news at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/rhizome-art) can influence and reshape an architecture placed in a real urban environment. Read More.

For the series Digital art in public space: “Street Net-Art”, 2007.

"Street Net-Art" action aims to rename all the principal streets (or just an area of the city) with the most explicative Net-Art web address (in an easy way: with printed sheets of paper to glue on the street plate), joining the real world with the “www” into a double psycho-geographic experience.
It’d be better to cover the streets (maybe, comfortably by the taxi) with a pc equipped of wireless device to watch the websites.
Anyway, you’d also walk on the streets watching at the Net-Art web address and subsequently to see the relative websites.

"Sit-in into a super place";
site specific installation, 2006.

There is no theory nor process for this action... nobody knows why they are sitting into this “atmosphere” ... click on the image to watch it!

“Art Calling Digital Art stories” from Monuments,

“Monuments telling stories of digital art”, involves the antiques statues telling the contemporary electronic art practices to the public. It’s really simple to realize, it needs to put an hidden dvd reader with a speaker close to the statue. Imagine the Bernini’s baroque fountain (“Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi”) in Piazza Navona speaking on software-art…

“Art Calling Digital Art stories” into a Museum

Digital Art without artworks, this is a conceptual exhibition. In fact the museum where the spectators are moving in is completely empty. Listening at the Audio-Guides while closing at the walls, people can switch, select and listen many stories about digital art.

“Art Calling Digital Art stories” on I-Pod.

Art Calling... it also developed as audio files mp3 to download and pod-cast everywhere.

click on image to podcast

"Art calling digital art stories", public art project, 2005.

The object of the project is to bring people closer to digital art in four easy ways. “Art Calling-Digital Stories” born as public art project that proposes people to listen to stories about digital art through phone booths used as a communicative medium. People using “Art Calling-Digital Stories” must only dial a telephone number (listed on sticker on the booth) that is linked to a switchboard with various vocal options and also various audio files. The stories tell about the most interesting artists, artworks and events about interactive art, software art, modified video games, demo scene, hacking tools, digital animation, video installation, sound art, WIFI and mobile art phone, new media performance, hyper design, interactive architecture, artificial life, blogging, from the beginning to present day, selected and written by me.
The “Art Calling-Digital Stories” audio files, also contain additional materials such as bibliography, webliography, info. about artists, specific projects, festivals, mailing lists, forums, and additional various resources, etc.

Click on the image to watch the storyboard

"El paseo virtual", site specific installation, 2004.

With this art work it is just the notion of space or better of ‘place’ that I’d like to probe, searching new possibilities and ‘dimensions’,Everyone that will go across “El Paseo Virtual” will move on the 3-D virtual coordinates ( generated by a software ). Crossing “El Paseo”, the space will be the pure shape of intuition.

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