Exhibitions and conferences:

2015 - "Festival dela imagen" 20 - 25 April (Talk+exhibition: "The extemporary land art on google earth").

2015 - "Ways of Something: Episode 4", curated by Lorna Mills.

2015 - ATHENS DIGITAL ARTS FESTIVAL 21 - 24 May ("Extemporary land art on google earth").

2015 - The Alternative Document conference. 02 - 03 July. Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, London. (talk/presentation "Extemporary Land Art on Google Earth").

2015 - "EVA London" conference 7th - 9th July (talk/demo-software "Live sculpture").

2015 - ISEA - "DISRUPTION". Vancouver ,14-18 August ("Extemporary land art on google earth" at Disruption exhibition curated by Kate Armstrong and Malcolm Levy and attending the conference with "Live sculpture").

2015 - The Royal Geographical Society conference, 1-4 September London.

2015 - “Investigation on the extreme land”, curated by Ramdom & Paolo Mele.

Papers and interviews:

- 'Ideasonair.net-blogging as an open art project', IPad e-Book (Forthcoming - a bit late but it is on its way).


OUT on Sedition the re edited series "Compressions",1997-2001.

From the series Live Architectures: “Hidden forces”, interactive video installation, time variable 2015. Concept here.

From the series Live Architectures: "Gradient of intuition". Interactive VR full-dome experience, 2014 - published now. Concept here.

Ongoing at The Widget Art Gallery:

'Oh deer'
by Chantal Rousseau. March 1st - April 1st 2015.