Exhibitions and conferences:

2016 - "From live architectures: Dimensioning" solo show, opening April 1-23 at FurtherField gallery London. Online text & Press release

2016 - "Stop&Go" group show on Gif-Art curated by Valentina Tanni & saverio Verini. April 6 - July 21 at smART, Roma.

2016 - 'Other dimensions' FLOSS-LGM group show at London Gallery West. Opening 15th April.

2016 - "Cairotronica" international and electronic media art festival, exhibition and symposium. 3-17 May Cairo.

2016 - May 9-11 " festival internacional de la imagen", Manizales.

2016 - Virtual Space Alterations, curated by Fernando Garibay. CCD – Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City.

2016 - CAC.5 - Computer Art Congress, 24-28 October, Paris.

Papers, talks and interviews:

OUT "Super Place" by Helen Longstreth on POSTmatter, April 13.

OUT on Arshake 'Chiara Passa. Dimensioning Live Architecture'.

YouTube video presentation of "Dimensioning" my solo show at Furtherfield gallery, April 1-23 London.

Video documentation of "Hidden forces", "Dimensioning" and "Geometric breakpoints", AR artworks exhibited at Furtherfield.

OUT the catalogue of the show  "Stop & Go" at Smart Roma.

- 'Ideasonair.net-blogging as an open art project', IPad e-Book (Forthcoming - a bit late but it is on its way).


From the series Live Architectures: “Dimensioning n1” VR immersive experience thru Google Cardboard, 2016. Images.

Ongoing at The Widget Art Gallery:

"The Cloud 3" by Gretta Louw. March 7 - May 7 2016.