Exhibitions and conferences:

2016 - "The Alternative Document" symposium and exhibition. Lincoln University and Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. Curated by Angela Bartram.

2016 - April 1st. opening - solo show at FurtherField gallery, London.

2016 - May 9-11 " festival internacional de la imagen", Manizales.

2016 - Virtual Space Alterations, curated by Fernando Garibay. CCD – Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City.

Papers, talks and interviews:

- Athens Digital Arts Festival online catalogue is OUT.

-The Dark Precursor online Book is OUT now.

- OUT NOW the ISEA Art catalogue here and the ISEA Publications with proceedings here.

- Almanacco dell’arte, edizioni Alfabeta2

- 'Ideasonair.net-blogging as an open art project', IPad e-Book (Forthcoming - a bit late but it is on its way).


OUT: From Live Architectures: “The yellow film” VR-Video-App AND “Postcards from beyond, from elsewhere…” series of N widgets. Concept/synopsis here.

Ongoing at The Widget Art Gallery:

"It’s too complicated (Exploration Of Space Mix)" by Emilie Gervais. December 19 2015 - February 15 2016.