Exhibitions and conferences:

“Collider 7” Manoa Art Galleries (Hawaii), August 28 – Sept 16, 2016 and Emily Davis Gallery Akron (USA) 2017.

2016 - Virtual Space Alterations, curated by Fernando Garibay. CCD – Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City.

2016 - CAC.5 - Computer Art Congress, 24-28 October, Paris.

Papers, talks and interviews:

GIF-Intervista: behindthegif

'Ideasonair.net-blogging as an open art project', IPad e-Book (Forthcoming - a bit late but it is on its way).


"Abstract Watches" ongoing series of I-Watch animation.

Ongoing at The Widget Art Gallery:

“Too much of everything” by Maja Kalogera, July 21 - September 21 2016.