Exhibitions and conferences:

- 2018 (February) Spectra Festival Aberdeen. Curated by Andy Brydon.

- 2018 (April) INM-Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt.

- 2018 (May) Media Art Festival MAXXI Museum, Rome. Curated by Valentino Catricalà.

- 2018 (September-November) Article Biennial, Stavanger.

Papers, talks and interviews:

- RIL Magazine L'arte del sottosuolo text (ita) by Chiara Passa.

- RIL Magazine 'Laltrove digitale di Chiara Passa'. Article, interview (Ita) and Cover-magazine on me.

'Ideasonair.net-blogging as an open art project', IPad e-Book (Forthcoming - a bit late but it is on its way).


From extemporary land-art on Google Earth series: four new Net-AR artwork.

Ongoing at The Widget Art Gallery:

"Freddy, oh Freddy (on his side)" by Luca Valerio, 7 June - 7 August 2017