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by Chiara Passa

About the show

“Alexa STOP!” by Michael Mancini. July 18 - September 19 2019

In the WAG we see the Torso del Belvedere watching at the dramatic images of a sea rescue of African migrants on television. During the vision it wriggles forward felt by the pain of what it is seeing. Since it cannot change channels, by pressing a simple button on the remote control, due to its unfinished being, missing arms and legs, it turns to a device with artificial intelligence shouting: "Alexa STOP!". The voice assistant immediately stops the video, which after a few moments, however, begins to be transmitted again. Thus, a vicious circle is created by the typical looping of gifs. These are the historical courses and recourses of the drama of migration, in a world in which we are increasingly losing empathy.

Michael Mancini is graduated from the department of multimedia art and technology of the Fine Art Academy of Rome. Instagram profile


About the WAG

Due to our needs that seem to be increasingly handheld, WAG was born on 2009! The Widget Art Gallery is a mini single art gallery room fitting into people's pocket (suitable for all mobile platforms). Every month, the WAG hosts a solo digital art exhibition related to its dynamic site-specific context. So the WAG works both as a sort of kunsthall showing temporary exhibitions and also as museum conserving all the past shows inside an online archive that creates a permanent collection.

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